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Springfield, OR got Simpsonized today! Check out these photos from The Simpsons' downtown mural dedication and block party!

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Anonymous asked: Do you like Progresive rock?


Pink Floyd’s about as prog rock as I get.

sjoberg98 asked: Favorite the allman brothers band songs


"Midnight Rider," "Ramblin’ Man," and "Whipping Post".


Homer takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Anyone notice the Olaf from frozen?

oh my god

oh my god

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favorite tv characters: jackie burkhart

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jazz-chords asked: what do you think of styx? if you havent already, listen to "crystal ball". it's amazing!


It is amazing, I love it! Styx is a pretty good band, I need to listen to them more.

"where i come from we have an expression: aoeigh styxt" -Fez
(I love Styx)

"Barney’s movie had heart, but football in the groin had a football in the groin"
- Homer Simpson

Tumblr (and this blog) will be completely flooded with Simpsons once that Simpsons World app comes out just a warning